Certified Benz & Beemer
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Our Story

Certified Benz & Beemer is a family-owned business that has been the largest pre-owned luxury vehicle dealership in Arizona for the last seventeen (17) years. At Certified Benz & Beemer, we offer the highest quality, pre-owned vehicles in a friendly, zero pressure, environment which we believe will be the best car buying experience you ever have.

We are an independent auto dealer and are not affiliated with Mercedes-Benz or any other auto manufacturer. Our process starts with the vehicles we offer for purchase. On a daily basis, we hand-pick each vehicle from sources all around the Southwest. We have found that Southwest vehicles are the most desirable due to the dry climate. We have relationships with many new car dealerships that allow us to purchase well-maintained trade-ins in comparison to other used car dealers who purchase most of their vehicles at auction. We always obtain a CARFAX for each vehicle that we sell and more than one-half of the vehicles we sell are CARFAX 1 owner.

Once these vehicles arrive at our dealership, we perform a thorough inspection, unlike any other pre-owned dealer. This inspection process makes our certification program one of the most comprehensive in the industry. This is very different from many other used car dealers who do not thoroughly inspect and rarely certify their vehicles. Only after our certified vehicles are fully reconditioned do they become available for sale. Certain vehicles are excluded from our certification process but still go thru a safety inspection prior to resale.

We are confident that you will find our team of professionals trained to assist you in accomplishing your goals with zero pressure. If we don’t have the vehicle you want, we can attempt to find it for you through our many resources in the industry. Once you have selected and purchased your vehicle, you have a three (3) day Satisfaction Guarantee (High Performance and Non-Certified vehicles are excluded) for your peace of mind. We promise you a comfortable, zero-pressure experience, whether you decide to purchase a vehicle from us or not. We look forward to you discovering why Certified Benz & Beemer is the Most Trusted Auto Dealer in Arizona™.