Certified Benz & Beemer Compares 2014 Infiniti QX70 VS 2014 Lexus RX Near Scottsdale, AZ

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2014 Infiniti QX70

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2014 Lexus RX

Safety Comparison

For enhanced safety, the front shoulder belts of the Infiniti QX70 are height-adjustable, and the rear seat shoulder belts have child comfort guides to move the belt to properly fit children. A better fit can prevent injuries and the increased comfort also encourages children to buckle up. The Lexus RX Series has only front height-adjustable seat belts.

The QX70’s optional lane departure warning system alerts a temporarily inattentive driver when the vehicle begins to leave its lane and gently nudges the vehicle back towards its lane. The RX Series doesn’t offer a lane departure warning system.

Both the QX70 and the RX Series have standard driver and passenger frontal airbags, front side-impact airbags, side-impact head airbags, front seatbelt pretensioners, height adjustable front shoulder belts, four-wheel antilock brakes, traction control and electronic stability systems to prevent skidding.

Warranty Comparison

The QX70 comes with a full 4 year/60,000 mile basic warranty, which covers the entire truck and includes 24 hour roadside assistance. The RX Series’ 4 year/50,000 mile basic warranty expires 10,000 miles sooner.

The QX70’s corrosion warranty is 1 year longer than the RX Series’ (7 vs. 6 years).

Reliability Comparison

J.D. Power and Associates rated the QX70 first among midsize premium CUVs in their 2013 Initial Quality Study. The RX Series isn’t in the top three.

Engine Comparison

The QX70 3.7’s standard 3.7 DOHC V6 produces 55 more horsepower (325 vs. 270) and 19 lbs.-ft. more torque (267 vs. 248) than the RX 350’s standard 3.5 DOHC V6. The QX70 3.7’s 3.7 DOHC V6 produces 30 more horsepower (325 vs. 295) than the RX 450h’s standard 3.5 DOHC V6 hybrid. The QX70 5.0’s standard 5.0 DOHC V8 produces 95 more horsepower (390 vs. 295) than the RX 450h’s standard 3.5 DOHC V6 hybrid.

As tested in Motor Trend the QX70 5.0 is faster than the RX 450h:


RX Series

Zero to 60 MPH

5.2 sec

6.9 sec

Quarter Mile

13.7 sec

15.2 sec

Speed in 1/4 Mile

102.1 MPH

92.6 MPH

Fuel Economy and Range Comparison

The QX70 has 6.6 gallons more fuel capacity than the RX Series Hybrid’s standard fuel tank (23.8 vs. 17.2 gallons), for longer range between fill-ups. The QX70 has 4.6 gallons more fuel capacity than the RX Series’ standard fuel tank (23.8 vs. 19.2 gallons).

Brakes and Stopping Comparison

For better stopping power the QX70 5.0’s front brake rotors are larger than those on the RX Series:

QX70 5.0

RX Series

Front Rotors

14 inches

12.9 inches

Rear Rotors

13.8 inches

12.2 inches

The QX70’s standard front and rear disc brakes are vented to help dissipate heat for shorter stops with less fading. The rear discs on the RX Series are solid, not vented.

The QX70 stops much shorter than the RX Series:


RX Series

70 to 0 MPH

161 feet

175 feet

Car and Driver

60 to 0 MPH

115 feet

138 feet

Motor Trend

60 to 0 MPH (Wet)

147 feet

155 feet

Consumer Reports

Tires and Wheels Comparison

For better traction, the QX70 has larger tires than the RX Series (265/45R21 vs. 235/60R18).

The QX70’s optional tires provide better handling because they have a lower 45 series profile (height to width ratio) that provides a stiffer sidewall than the RX Series’ optional 55 series tires.

For better ride, handling and brake cooling the QX70 offers optional 21-inch wheels. The RX Series’ largest wheels are only 19-inches.

Suspension and Handling Comparison

The QX70 offers an available driver-adjustable suspension system. It allows the driver to choose between an extra-supple ride, reducing fatigue on long trips, or a sport setting, which allows maximum control for tricky roads or off-road. The RX Series’ suspension doesn’t offer adjustable shock absorbers.

The QX70’s optional drift compensation steering can automatically compensate for road conditions which would cause the vehicle to drift from side to side, helping the driver to keep the vehicle straight more easily. The RX Series doesn’t offer drift compensation steering.

For a smoother ride and more stable handling, the QX70’s wheelbase is 5.7 inches longer than on the RX Series (113.6 inches vs. 107.9 inches).

The QX70 5.0 AWD handles at .87 G’s, while the RX 350 AWD pulls only .76 G’s of cornering force in a Car and Driver skidpad test.

The QX70 5.0 AWD executes Motor Trend’s “Figure Eight” maneuver 2 seconds quicker than the RX 450h AWD (26.7 seconds @ .66 average G’s vs. 28.7 seconds @ .57 average G’s).

For better maneuverability, the QX70’s turning circle is 2.1 feet tighter than the RX Series’ (36.7 feet vs. 38.8 feet).

For greater off-road capability the QX70 has a greater minimum ground clearance than the RX 450h (7.36 vs. 6.9 inches), allowing the QX70 to travel over rougher terrain without being stopped or damaged. The QX70’s minimum ground clearance is .06 inch higher than on the RX 350 (7.36 vs. 7.3 inches).

Chassis Comparison

As tested by Car and Driver while cruising at 70 MPH, the interior of the QX70 5.0 AWD is quieter than the RX 350 AWD (69 vs. 70 dB).

Passenger Space Comparison

The QX70 has .3 inches more front headroom, 1.6 inches more front legroom and .8 inches more rear headroom than the RX Series.

Ergonomics Comparison

The QX70’s standard speed-sensitive wipers speed up when the vehicle does, so that the driver doesn’t have to continually adjust the speed of the wipers. The RX Series’ standard manually variable intermittent wipers have to be constantly adjusted.

Economic Advantages Comparison

According to The Car Book by Jack Gillis, the QX70 is less expensive to operate than the RX Series because it costs $154 less to do the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance for 50,000 miles. Typical repairs cost much less on the QX70 than the RX Series, including $163 less for a water pump, $106 less for an alternator, $326 less for a starter, $28 less for fuel injection, $12 less for a fuel pump and $300 less for a timing belt/chain.

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